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Enhance your site's SEO & security by purchasing a domain validation SSL certificate with dedicated IP

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1. Secure Your Website with Sectigo SSL Certificates

SSL-CertificateSectigo is the market leader in SSL / TLS certificates, IoT and multi-layered web security. It is an ideal entry-level solution that’s great for blogs, startups and personal pages. Issued in minutes, Sectigo SSL certificates provide the highest levels of protection for personal and business websites. Establish trust with this hassle-free certificate today!

Popular browsers like Google Chrome are beginning to mark HTTP websites as not secure. The best and fastest fix - an SSL certificate. Getting our cheap SSL can completely change the way customers view your website. No more worrying about data theft, message forgeries or eavesdropping.

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Why Choose Sectigo as Your Certificate Authority?

Sectigo is a leading cybersecurity provider of digital identity solutions, including TLS / SSL certificates. SSL certificates encrypt the connection between your users’ browsers and your website. Having SSL connections is very important especially if you’re serious about doing business online, because this helps protect your users’ data and it defends against identity theft. It gives your users confidence by making sure that your users are not sending their sensitive information to unauthorized parties.

What do you get with Sectigo SSL?

Domain Validation

Sectigo checks domain ownership before issuing the certificate. Domain-validated certificates are usually issued in just minutes.

Single-Domain Security

Each Sectigo SSL certificate provides encryption/security and validation for a single domain name.

$10,000 Warranty

Warranty refers to the amount Sectigo pays out to your customers, should any of them incur loss due a mis-issued certificate.

Free Site Seal

Your SSL cert comes with a free site seal. You can display the seal anywhere on your site, to let customers know they’re shopping on a secure site.

No Paperwork

The validation process takes place online, so you don’t have to worry about paperwork. It’s easy and efficient!

Free Certificate Installation

We’ve always got your back. Purchase your Sectigo SSL Certificate from us and we’ll handle all the technical stuff for you.

2. Dedicated IP Address

There are a lot of reasons why it is recommended to use Dedicated IP address for a website, hosted on a Shared server, the main ones here:

  • It provides a higher stability
  • It is beneficial for email sender’s reputation
  • It is good for a business identity
  • It is mandatory, if you are planning to install an SSL certificate
  • It is required for particular third-party applications/scripts

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3. Website Backup Service

No matter what you do to secure your website, the risk will never be zero. If your website functionality is damaged, you need a way to recover. Our system ensures you are covered in the event of a critical failure.

  • Backups organized by date
  • Off-site storage keeps hackers out
  • Complete file system & databases backed up over FTP/SFTP
  • Quick and easy recovery process

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