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Affiliate Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions that every affiliate must adhere to

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Participating in the CAISC affiliate program constitutes agreement to the following terms. We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time with or without prior notice.

Joining the Affiliate Program

By joining the affiliate program, you agree to advertise CAISC’s services legally. You also agree to receive periodic emails about your affiliate status, commission reports, and other affiliate-related material.

Commission Rates

CAISC pays a flat rate for every purchase your referrals make. Our commission rates are outlined on our affiliates page. These commission rates may change from time to time, with at least 30 days prior notice.

Affiliate Commission Payouts

All affiliate commissions are paid out via PayPal only.

A minimum of $100.00 in available commissions is required before an affiliate can request a payout, and there is a 90-day hold on all commissions to prevent and catch fraud. If a referred product is refunded, cancelled, or marked as fraud within the 90-day period, then no commissions shall be awarded for that specific sale.

CAISC sends payouts during the first week of every month regardless of when the commission payout was requested. No exceptions shall be made to this rule.

CAISC reserves the right to deduct fraudulent commissions from an affiliate’s account.

Linking and Referring Clients to CAISC

Affiliates may use graphic and text links to link to CAISC. You may also advertise CAISC through offline means such as newspaper ads, flyers, and other similar material. You may not use iframes or cookie stuffing to gain referrals.

Affiliates may not use their own affiliate link to sign up for our services. Referring other people in the same household or workplace is also not allowed. Any affiliate caught doing this will have their commission void.

Affiliates may not use techniques such as cookie stuffing and iframes to deliberately associate users to their affiliate ID.

Affiliates may not spam their affiliate links on forums, blogs, and mass emails.

Affiliate Tracking

After activating your affiliate account, you will be assigned a unique affiliate ID and URL which you can use to promote CAISC’s services. When a user clicks on your link, a tracking cookie will be set in their browser and their IP address will also be associated with your affiliate link. When they make a purchase during that visit to our website or any later visit within 90 days, a commission will be given based on the existence of the cookie or a match of the IP address in the database.

Revocation of Affiliate Status

Any affiliate caught violating any of our terms will have their affiliate status immediately revoked. All their pending commissions may also be void. Violations include, but are not limited to, cookie stuffing, using iframes, spamming, illegally advertising CAISC, and purposely signing up for services under their own affiliate link.

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